Mission and vision


Around us is the large number of chemicals in detergents, shampoos and cosmetics, but they are also in fabrics that we wear, the furniture and construction materials in our home or office, toys for our children, in electrical devices, etc.

Do we know how all these chemicals affect our health and the environment? No!

After the Second World War is synthesized rapidly a large number of new molecules, on a large scale, with the intention to produce new materials to make our life easier. However, whether the risk to health for each of them is assessed before being placed on the market and used for production of various products? No!

Many of these chemicals have a detrimental effect on our health and are still in use. Main treats are coming from carcinogenic, mutagenic, reproductively toxic chemicals or those with a long period of degradation in the environment that remain in the body a long time and have a toxic effect. This harmful chemicals need to be replaced.

To protect life and health/to reduce the risk of chemicals, ALHem is:

  • Providing information to the industry how to minimize risk from chemicals, which chemicals need to be replaced and how;
  • Providing information to distributors how they can sell safer chemicals or safer products;
  • Promoting the implementation of national regulations harmonized with EU policy and standards; (European regulations dealing with risk reduction from chemicals are leading regulations in the world, largely stimulating the reduction of risk from chemicals);
  • Provide support to consumer associations and other non-governmental organizations to jointly achieve safer chemicals policy;
  • Provide information to consumers to choose a less toxic “cocktail of chemicals” in daily lives.


KVIZ „Da li čitate etikete hemijskih proizvoda?“

Zahtev za dostavljanje informacija o sadržaju supstanci koje izazivaju zabrinutost u proizvodu

SIN lista – Lista hemikalija koje predstavljaju zabrinutost i za koje je potrebna prioritetna akcija

SUBSUPORT Portal – Portal za podrsku industriji u postupku zamene hemikalija koje predstavljaju zabrinutost bezbednijim alternativama